It’s been a long time since I have blogged on these pages. Thank you Blogosphere for waiting. I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book Big Magic and slowly devouring her words. So much of it rings true even while I read Gilbert’s words I witness the magic; the synchronicity.

I believe that our planet is inhabited not only by animals and plants and bacteria and viruses, but also by ideas … The idea will organise coincidences and portents to tumble across your path, to keep your interest keen. You will start to notice all sorts of signs pointing you toward the idea.

As usual I experience synchronicity often on social media. And of course it would happen whilst I’m putting up a Instagram post re Big Magic.


As with synchronicity  the magic kept happening – Elizabeth Gilbert gave this post a Heart. And if you love Instagram you would understand how that would cause me a little flutter!

So what brings me back to Pixelrites? I thirst to get back into writing and blogging. Of course there are so many prompts in Big Magic and now that ideas are like beings (thanks to Gilbert) I feel obliged to honour them knowing that they too are on a mission and searching.

And you? Have you read Big Magic? Are you working on your creative project? I would love to know.

Here’s Gilbert’s TEDx video “Your elusive creative genius” Elizabeth Gilbert’s TEDx “Your Elusive Creative Genius”

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I spent a weekend down South, close to the ocean. Glorious. I was up super early this particular morning. I felt compelled to go outside and take a walk on the beach. I grabbed my bag for the essentials; notebook and pen, coins for coffee and mobile phone. I walked out of the Hotel and was greeted by tall pine trees with a shade of pink in the horizon.

Stepping out onto the sand I felt it’s coolness; unlike the warmth of the day before. I’m reminded of Thich Naht Hahn’s quote 

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth

I walked gently on the sand – I relaxed. I then looked up. I could see the pink of the sky. I could see the Sun’s rise. I felt wonder and a certain shock at my own reaction; it was as if I was witnessing the Sun’s rise for the first time! It was silent save for the soothing lapping of waves. I was silent.


I took a few photos. When the light show finished and the Sun settled in its position of golden white light, I looked around somehow expecting thunderous applause from everyone. There was only silence because of course this happens everyday.

As I turned my back to walk towards the cafe nestled on the sand’s edge, I could feel the Sun peering over me and saying I do this everyday. This is what I do. Everyday. I thought about it. Yes Sun you do this everyday and you don’t wait for anything; you don’t expect anything.

At the cafe I ordered my coffee and settled to write my Morning Pages.  I wanted to take another photo of my position here … so I flicked from my blank pages to one of my handwritten pages. Another moment of synchronicity – Ready to take a photo, I looked at the words I had written months earlier – The Sun – “The Sun is the navel chakra of this Universe. It radiates the divine masculine principles onto us.” It’s a Diana Cooper quote.


The cloak of wonder fitted around me more closely and I felt just humbled and grateful for this morning. I could feel my aura fill with brilliant golden light of the Sun.

Have you watched the glorious Sun play it’s light show lately?

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I recently caught a bus to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. An area I don’t frequent often. Sure there are occasional visits.  However sitting high on the bus seat and turning into Oxford Street, I started to feel it’s pull. The city’s pull. And that’s when I realised you don’t have to be a tourist. Maybe it was the way I felt; carefree.  No rushed appointments and travelling alone to a writer’s festival in Woollahra. An indulgent thing to do on a Saturday –  a slight chill, sunny and Winter in Sydney. I felt like a tourist

I felt the pull to the creative and recalled a time I was working on magazines. Carefree. Fun. Creative.

There were trees that said hello again. Twists to streets that said you took your time. Iconic signs that still flaunted their products. Restaurants, bars and cafes that did not want to be dragged into the new millienum.  I could feel the energy of the 80s. A time of the “corporate lunch”, shoulder pads, Wendy Heather knits and Robert Clergerie heels.  Red wine. And yes the Aussie’s American’s Cup win. More red wine.

Sitting high on the bus, I pass the many restaurants and cafes I would visit, cappuccinos still waiting for a stir. And there was the street where we would celebrate lunch that would take us across the road for an evening meal and then the cab for breakfast. Red wine and cappuccinos.And the trees stretch out their bare limbs across the path. The same trees.

I am at the council chambers where the Festival is to take place. I’m early so I walk through the gardens and look out below onto the bay. I am joined by a lady that stops and remarks that there are two bathers down below. I take a closer look and see two swimming in rhythm and their laps seem to be my Morning Pages – today their strokes and laps are my three pages. I pull out my camera to take a photo of the scene below and in that instant somehow I break the spell – the lady next to me walks off. I look out and see her strolling away and wonder about her quick departure.

It’s time for the Festival to start. I turn my back to the landscape, walk inside and take a seat. The first presenter is Marlere Day, the lady who joined me early on. Crime writer. She starts to talk about her writing practice and I fall back into the spell. I was sitting on the bus again and listening to her landscape; the landscape of a story. Go with the story she said “The psychology of the city“.

At the Woollahra Writers Festival 2013

At the Woollahra Writers Festival 2013

She talked about the energy of a city and how she would not take photos of scenes but instead write a paragraph of her impressions. I settled back in my seat and was ready for a day of magic. Synchronicity. And that was just the start.

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“Procrastination is another form fear.” Robin Sharma

It’s Tuesday, and I recall I proclaimed here that I would blog every Tuesday. Something about making myself accountable … Well if you are reading this, it has worked; for this week anyway. However, of course there was much procrastination. An inner enquiry led to the above heading and with a bit of Google I found this –

I have transcribed the Sanskrit quote Robin Sharma refers to –

“Spring has past

Summer has gone

Winter is here.

The Song that I am meant to sing

remains unsung

for I have spent my days stringing

and unstringing my instrument.”

There’s a lot to dwell on here.

In answer to my question above regarding procrastination; it seems that by “putting it out there” and making myself  “accountable” I act, take steps. That’s ok. However, something here tells me that being accountable to oneself should be enough to act, to take steps, move forward and so not procrastinate. More to dwell on here and I guess I am being accountable for being accountable.

I also know I do a lot of stringing and unstringing however it’s also with a lot of instruments!

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I knew the answer before she raised her eyebrows. “Where are you not nurturing yourself?” It was one of those healing sessions. I immediately thought of my creative writing.  I could see my stats.  I have not published a blog since March. So, I have not wandered down to my local cafe, to sit, sip a mocha and just type away on my blog and press Publish … since March.


Today, I am sitting in an outdoor cafe with the Sun on my back. I left my phone/camera at home so do not have the luxury of just taking a photo to share with you. I am looking out towards a garden that has pink camelias in bloom, deciduous trees that filter in the Autumn sun and a lady sitting nearby reading from a hardcover book. There are leaves rustling their golden sounds and flipping through the air for their last hurrah. I can hear crows in the distance reciting their mantras.

“But I do take care of myself.” Came the feeble reply. And then I thought of my blog. I have spent a lot of time writing, but not my creative writing; not blogging. It’s with my blogging I experience synchronicity; something I have not had great bursts of recently. So I hereby make myself accountable to blog regularly and I’m plucking Tuesdays out of the air. I will write daily and blog regularly on Tuesdays.

I think we are all getting better at taking care of ourselves and trying not to be so negative. However, Where are you not loving your Self? 

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My past week has been filled with events; listening to inspirational speakers with similar messages. Here are two.

Inspirational Conversations at the Library is a series of interviews run by Walter Mason. I attended his interview with Belinda Castles, you can get snippets here. I heard Belinda say twice “We are humans – not robots.” – something her husband reminds her when she dwells on what to do next; having just finished writing her novel Hannah & Emil.  The quote that inspires her is Samuel Beckett’s  “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

“We are humans – not robots.”

On Saturday, I attended the Healthivate 2.0  Blogging Conference. There were many amazing speakers and I’m sure to blog about their stories later.  The last keynote speaker Dr Sam Prince gave an inspiring talk.  He too uttered the words “We are humans – not robots.” Message noted!

“We are humans – not robots.”

Dr Prince’s topic was “The Importance of Giving and The Power of Bloggers.” He reflected on a common thread that runs through his life – “I’ve always described my life as a bit of a dog’s breakfast. The roles in my head are divided into three sections. One is my role as a doctor, one my charity work, and the third is my restaurant business.” He said the lessons he learnt in a hospital as a student aged 21, also helped him run a Mexican restaurant, Zambrero.

Starting his restaurant business, Dr Prince had to refurbish the premises and so he went to Bunnings to buy paint. There he came across a Bunnings rep who knew everything about paint and was a great help. In conversation, Dr Prince found out that this man was working part time at Bunnings so as to support his dream of an IVF programme for he and his partner. The doctor then gave the rep his advice. The aisle at Bunnings became a pop up hub for talk on paint and IVF programmes. They were there for hours.

So, as the restaurant began to flourish, someone approached Dr Prince regarding a franchise. This man was interested however when he approached his advisers with the franchise contract they advised him against it, mainly because Dr Prince was too young and inexperienced. However, about six months later, the man returned and bought into the franchise. Dr Prince asked his first franchinsee why the change of mind. The answer: it turns out his best friend is the Bunnings rep who remembered the doctor’s passion for his business and his kindness in sharing his knowledge. Dr Prince ends his personal account with – “… magical thinking of angels – but truth is more fantastic. As you talk about your passion and your dreams people who can help you will turn up everywhere …”

Dr Prince’s keynote speech took me to a video I watched the night before the conference – 2013 Tropfest winner, “We’ve All Been There”.  See why. 

Share your knowledge.  Share your dreams. Pass it on. I suppose we do that as we blog.

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Here in Sydney it’s Friday, 15th February. So yesterday, in Sydney, it was Valentine’s Day. It started off appropriately for me when I was on Twitter. The very first Tweet I read was  Emerging Festival’s Tweet:-

What’s your romantic read? [in the office: “Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day? I was going to ask this question to Twitter anyway.”]” . 

My tweet reply was Letter to D by Andre Gorz. The only other response was “Hafiz all the way”.


“You gave all of yourself to help me become myself.” Letter to D,  Andre Gorz’s beautiful and heartfelt open love letter to his beloved Dorine.

I go to my book shelf and pull out the little paperback for a re-read. It sits on top of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet and Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love. This day also happens to be our writing group’s first day back in 2013. So in the evening I race into the community centre’s room running five minutes late, although I make it in time for the first writing exercise. It’s what Janet (my teacher) calls the “D string word exercise”. Of course! I had been thinking why my first choice had been the book Letter to D and not Gibran, Hafiz, Poe, Shakespeare … Yes, I am meant to be here; I had been toying with the idea of not having enough time to attend these classes.

The writing exercise was interesting. Janet read out a list of words commencing with the letter D, and our task was to write for fifteen minutes incorporating one or more of the words. Now, I would share my exercise with you here however the words were all rather Depressing and I played with a number of the D words on the “Disappearance of love” – not quite appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Andre Gorz (born Gerhart Hirsch) commences his story with these words :-

“I need to piece together the story of our love to appreciate its full meaning. It’s what has allowed us to become who we are, living through each other and for each other. I’m writing to you now to understand what my life has been, what our life together has meant.”

So, what’s your romantic read or write?

Thanks, Dianne x

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“The Universe is the handwriting of God, and it is both self-organizing and self-correcting. Where there is lack, the Universe is already planning to remove it from your circumstances. That is the Law of Divine Compensation. The only thing that can deactivate the Law is if you have more faith in the reality of lack than in the reality of the Law.” from The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson,

I’ve started to read Marianne Williamson‘s new book The Law of Divine Compensation. I find I fall into reading MW’s books easily. I think this stems from having read A Return to Love based on the principles of A Course in Miracles years ago. This became my bible and MW my teacher. I’ve read all her books. I believe this is one of the reasons why I can fall into moments of synchronicity. The main message for me in her teachings is to put love over fear in any situation. It’s my mantra. Through beautiful moments of synchronicity, I got to meet and work with MW when she was in Sydney for the Hay House I Can Do It Seminar at Darling Harbour in 2011. The whole experience was magical. I also got to take lots of photos, as below –

DSCN0022So, this morning, I’m on the train reading Marianne Williamson’s latest book; page 20  “In any instant, regardless of what has happened in the past, the universe has arranged and is continuing to arrange infinite possibilities for you to prosper.  If you cannot see this now – if despair and anxiety hang like a veil before your eyes, preventing you from mustering any faith in God at all – then in this moment lean on mine.”

The word “lean” bounced back at me. It’s a word that has been PopPiNg up here, there and everywhere this morning! So I reflect on the word lean. I thought about it; as we lean on each other “one mind joined with another, regardless of their position in time or space, can remove whatever chains would bind us”. So, as with all things, when we share our troubles or enjoy our blessings with others it’s a comfort and a witnessing.

Words have power. Why is the word “lean” so prominent this morning? The word conveys a relaxed image and one where you’re not taking energy from the one you are leaning on. It’s light. And so my mind wanders when I realise it’s my station and I need to get off this train. I collect my belongings, go towards the doors and wait for the train to stop; still thinking about the word lean. There right in front of me, eye to eye, is this sign “Do not lean on the doors”. (The italics are mine!)

Ok.  So it’s ok to lean on others but not on the doors. What else about the doors? If I lean on others and ask for help, I wait for doors to open (or close) and I need to step back and witness the doors opening and closing, then I take action. Yes? I’m still not clear … On my return home on another train, I figure I would take a photo of the sign and post it on my blog. It’s a similar train, however, all signs of warning on this train are different and do not have the word lean … 

I don’t usually hang on one word like this. Obviously, it’s come up for me because of certain uncertainties … so here it is. Any enlightenment here would be appreciated! I’m looking forward to moving on and reading the rest of the book.

PS:  Dare I now mention that after writing this and ready to press “publish”, doors and keys to doors are a big issue and I now remember they have been for last couple of days! …

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There is much posting on social media about one’s word for 2013. My word for last year was Renaissance and I felt that High Renaissance wanted to kick into 2013, however Time told Renaissance you know what …

Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, hands

Creation, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel

Abundance. I know the word “abundance” has been overdone however it’s one of my words for 2013. It’s one of the spiritual laws in Diana Cooper‘s A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws. “Abundance is your birthright. Open up to receive it.”   Abundance allows me to have three words for 2013.

Time.  Julia Cameron says make “time your friend” and friend I intend to make it. Yes, it’s mid January and this really should have been my first post however as with all good friends, any time is a good time.

Daydream. Here’s a New York Times article Discovering the Virtues of a Wandering Mind in support.  I’ll get back to you about the benefits I find in daydreaming …

Choosing a word and writing it down is powerful.  What’s your word for 2013?

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“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions:

When did you stop Dancing?

When did you stop Singing?

When did you stop being enchanted by Stories?

When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of Silence?

Dancing, singing, storytelling, and silence are the four universal healing salves and where we have stopped them is where we have experienced the loss of soul.” ~ Gabrielle Roth

I love the above quote which particularly resonates with me as I haven’t been doing much of the above, particularly the dancing and singing bit.

“I would take the stars out of the sky for you.” The Real Thing

On New Year’s Eve I came across The Real Thing. I kept replaying this video; replay after replay. So much so, I did give some thought to a possible calling of an Extraordinary General Meeting from the residents to discuss my removal, however quickly dismissed that in my belief that how can you not dance to this music? So, it’s become a theme dance song for me and I’ve had many great moments doing so  (… ok, I understand … you don’t have to follow me.).

So, the wondrous thing for me this afternoon? The instant I posted the Gabrielle Roth’s quote on my Facebook page, I heard The Real Thing’s You To Me Are Everything on the radio. Synchronicity.

And the magic continues. That’s for another post. Right now I’m enjoying the music and inspiration of Gabrielle Roth as you all must do!

When did you stop singing?

PS:  Happy New Year! post coming soon

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