I knew the answer before she raised her eyebrows. “Where are you not nurturing yourself?” It was one of those healing sessions. I immediately thought of my creative writing.  I could see my stats.  I have not published a blog since March. So, I have not wandered down to my local cafe, to sit, sip a mocha and just type away on my blog and press Publish … since March.


Today, I am sitting in an outdoor cafe with the Sun on my back. I left my phone/camera at home so do not have the luxury of just taking a photo to share with you. I am looking out towards a garden that has pink camelias in bloom, deciduous trees that filter in the Autumn sun and a lady sitting nearby reading from a hardcover book. There are leaves rustling their golden sounds and flipping through the air for their last hurrah. I can hear crows in the distance reciting their mantras.

“But I do take care of myself.” Came the feeble reply. And then I thought of my blog. I have spent a lot of time writing, but not my creative writing; not blogging. It’s with my blogging I experience synchronicity; something I have not had great bursts of recently. So I hereby make myself accountable to blog regularly and I’m plucking Tuesdays out of the air. I will write daily and blog regularly on Tuesdays.

I think we are all getting better at taking care of ourselves and trying not to be so negative. However, Where are you not loving your Self? 

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  1. ambradambra says:

    Every Tuesday, eh. I’m impressed. Would love it to rub off on me.

  2. jo says:

    I’m eating badly. Very badly. Wheat & yeast & wine. I know it makes me sick. I tend to do this when I’m feeling out of control or in chaos- now I have to work out where.

  3. Michele Seminara says:

    Wonderful Dianne! I am looking forward to all those Tuesday posts. X

  4. pixelrites says:

    Haha Michele, Somehow I think I lost the meaning of the title … what was I thinking every Tuesday? Where’s the love in that? My “accountability” would have been lost in Twitterland …

  5. Your description here of your coffee-shop surroundings is my idea of the PERFECT place and way to spend time! My absolute favorite! When the wind is howling or the mosquitoes droning, I will remember the vision of this post!!! Blessings!

  6. eternalcadence says:

    wonderful post 🙂

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