“Procrastination is another form fear.” Robin Sharma

It’s Tuesday, and I recall I proclaimed here that I would blog every Tuesday. Something about making myself accountable … Well if you are reading this, it has worked; for this week anyway. However, of course there was much procrastination. An inner enquiry led to the above heading and with a bit of Google I found this –

I have transcribed the Sanskrit quote Robin Sharma refers to –

“Spring has past

Summer has gone

Winter is here.

The Song that I am meant to sing

remains unsung

for I have spent my days stringing

and unstringing my instrument.”

There’s a lot to dwell on here.

In answer to my question above regarding procrastination; it seems that by “putting it out there” and making myself  “accountable” I act, take steps. That’s ok. However, something here tells me that being accountable to oneself should be enough to act, to take steps, move forward and so not procrastinate. More to dwell on here and I guess I am being accountable for being accountable.

I also know I do a lot of stringing and unstringing however it’s also with a lot of instruments!

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  1. Michele Seminara says:

    A great quote. But don’t dwell on it Dianne! I think you are a mover and a shaker, not a procrastinator. Why so hard on yourself?

    • pixelrites says:

      In some cases, I am a procrastinator – ok will not dwell on it however by putting it “out there” has enable me to recognise why and where. Moving forward … Thanks Michele!

  2. Lonn Obee says:

    Check out my blog on procrastination for helpful info. And I sincerely wish you all the best with your battle with procrastination.

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