I spent a weekend down South, close to the ocean. Glorious. I was up super early this particular morning. I felt compelled to go outside and take a walk on the beach. I grabbed my bag for the essentials; notebook and pen, coins for coffee and mobile phone. I walked out of the Hotel and was greeted by tall pine trees with a shade of pink in the horizon.

Stepping out onto the sand I felt it’s coolness; unlike the warmth of the day before. I’m reminded of Thich Naht Hahn’s quote 

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth

I walked gently on the sand – I relaxed. I then looked up. I could see the pink of the sky. I could see the Sun’s rise. I felt wonder and a certain shock at my own reaction; it was as if I was witnessing the Sun’s rise for the first time! It was silent save for the soothing lapping of waves. I was silent.


I took a few photos. When the light show finished and the Sun settled in its position of golden white light, I looked around somehow expecting thunderous applause from everyone. There was only silence because of course this happens everyday.

As I turned my back to walk towards the cafe nestled on the sand’s edge, I could feel the Sun peering over me and saying I do this everyday. This is what I do. Everyday. I thought about it. Yes Sun you do this everyday and you don’t wait for anything; you don’t expect anything.

At the cafe I ordered my coffee and settled to write my Morning Pages.  I wanted to take another photo of my position here … so I flicked from my blank pages to one of my handwritten pages. Another moment of synchronicity – Ready to take a photo, I looked at the words I had written months earlier – The Sun – “The Sun is the navel chakra of this Universe. It radiates the divine masculine principles onto us.” It’s a Diana Cooper quote.


The cloak of wonder fitted around me more closely and I felt just humbled and grateful for this morning. I could feel my aura fill with brilliant golden light of the Sun.

Have you watched the glorious Sun play it’s light show lately?

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  1. This is a beautiful post. Your sense of the Sun peering over you and saying “I do this everyday” is profound and life-affirming. Thank you.

  2. Michele Seminara says:

    Beautifully written.

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