“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.”  Robert Tew

It’s close to 3.00 am in the morning. I should be asleep but I’m obviously awake. Many hours earlier the above quote showed up on my Twitter news feed the instant I was thinking about the person who posted it – Michele Seminara who writes so beautifully. Now, I’ve become accustomed to such synchronicities, particularly on social media and particularly with Michele and our three other amazing blogger friends, (The Pennywort Chronicle, Bent People and NDE, Zorro and Me  however I feel the above quote does not want to finish just as a tweet, with a couple of retweets. Oh no. It’s dragged me from a perfectly good sleep, to have me sit here wrapped in a cotton sheet and blog. I also get the feeling that I can’t just set this up as a draft and publish it tomorrow. No? No.

So, meaning of all of this? Personally; when you honour and respect yourself and when you do the things you love to do, it’s honouring your divine self. That’s when synchronicity happens; that’s when you surrender and you’re in the “zone”. It was when I was in this space that I connected with the above bloggers. It’s when I am doing something creative and have no overriding inner voice of fear, judgment or cynicism the magic happens. It becomes more magical and special when you make a connection and share the similarities and beyond. We call ourselves The Divine Bloggers and I am not going to apologise for the cliche. There is something truly special about the connection. When I think of one of us I think of us as a whole; the Divine Bloggers that is. (I have reached a Oneness consciousness a few times in meditation, however not quite there yet). Small steps.

Ok, the eyelids are getting heavy now and sleep is the zone I wish to be at right now.

So, what gets you in the “zone”, what makes you happy? Have you walked away from a situation that no longer serves you?

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  1. jo says:

    I generally need to be metaphorically dragged kicking & screaming from that which is no good, yet allow myself to drift in and out of things that could be good, but also could be scary good.

  2. I love, love, love this post. At my meditation group on Sunday, the facilitator said – “happiness creates flow” and those of us who aim to be creative need flow: the flow of ideas, the flow of words or images or notes or movements and maybe (if we are lucky) the flow of income. Yet what blocks happiness or joy is often just fear. Having just finished reading Anita Moorjani’s beautiful memoir (thank you Adriana) Dying to be Me, it is the perfect gift for almost anyone. She urges us to get in touch with our own individual magnificence and go out and live our lives fearlessly. My Divine Bloggers do much the same and I tip my hat to you all. Love and Blessings. x Amanda

    • pixelrites says:

      Have read posts of Anita Moorjani’s memoir Dying to be Me on Facebook and it’s definitely one of my next reads. Thank you for your comments – your words are always a validation of unconditional love x

      • And thank you Dianne (and all the Divine Bloggers) for urging me to keep on with the flow of blogging … I am still getting the hang of the blogosphere and its craft, but enjoying it more and more especially the surprises and synchronicities found within.

      • pixelrites says:

        Amanda, not to worry about the craft of blogging, I think the right people will find you with your continued blogging about your experience. x

  3. bentpeople says:

    what an exquisite post lovely Diane. Our connection feels truly blessed. Being in the ‘flow is something I’ve been saying a lot lately and our coming together as the ‘divine bloggers’ is a flow that redefines soul connection. thank you for sharing this moment with us. deep love to all

  4. I feel a bit guilty about your lack of sleep now! You are an inspired and inspirational woman, and I couldn’t agree with you more – honouring and respecting yourself IS all about honouring your divine self, which is your true self, and which we all share. Beautiful words Dianne xx

  5. Thank you for this beautiful, thought-provoking and inspiring post. I’ve always been very good at walking away from things that don’t grow me (as evidenced by my wide and challenging variety of careers and matching lack of superannuation and savings) but not so good at leaving behind the things that don’t make me happy. Bless you for reminding me (in synchronicity, as ever) that happiness is divinely-given too (and certainly, the “Divine Bloggers” are aptly named).

  6. pixelrites says:

    Thank you for your inspirations and the many synchronicity moments we share. x

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