“Morning pages train us to hear past our Censor. ” Julia Cameron

Good afternoon Morning Pages!  Well I am back and how I have missed you.  You were always on my mind however I had other things I just had to do, let’s say business writing took over any form of creative writing, including blogging.  You were always on my mind.

So what coaxed me back?  Two things.  Firstly, Jo Tracey’s blog “5 things I know about writing”.  I love reading Jo’s blog for her humour and inspiration. Here Jo talks about NANOWRIMO which she has done twice! She also talks about Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, which has been part of my morning routine for many years, however …  So, I figured no Nanowrimo for me this November however back to my routine of morning pages and blogging. Another thing about Jo is she makes me look up; up at the stars and planets, that is.  She writes about astrology and if I sense in her predictions a dark side to my planets, I still look up knowing there’s still the Sun that does its thing the next day.

Secondly, tonight is first night of my Term 4 creative writing group at the local community centre.  I love attending this group for various of reasons.  There’s something wondrous about joining a community and sharing your work with people you don’t really know.  In fact, I recall my first writing exercise, the writing bit was ok – it was having to share it with the class.  You see, I’m your classic introvert.  It was well over a year ago. As one by one everyone read out their exercise, I felt an immediate sense of belonging; I could see some struggled with speaking out in a group. So, my turn came to read out my work. And so I did. My exercise was about a time in my life that obviously was still very raw to me. As I read aloud I could feel the tears beginning to swell, painful memories came flooding back to me. It was real. My voice quivered and I looked up from my note pad hoping to find sympathetic faces that would encourage me to stop, that’s enough for now, it’s ok. But hey no! There was silence and nodding – go on, finish the story.  They wanted me to continue – no one rushed to my rescue. So I continued reading out the passage. I think that day was the first day I walked past my Censor.

The exercise I’m working on now for my class this evening is about a horse.  You see Horse wants me to tell its story.  Certain events have made it impossible to ignore. And as you can well imagine with certain characters that you have created, they just step off the page and keep prompting you to write this or that. I’m sure you know how it is? It was at our last writer’s group for Term 3, where we all met afterwards for dinner, I realised Horse had its hooves firmly planted on my page.  As we were leaving the table after a great night of chatting, I got up off my chair, faced the wall and there right in front of me was – oh yes, a horse, albeit a plastic horse, it’s a horse of course sitting on the powerpoint!  There I was talking about the things I like to write about and my reminder was there for me; that is,  “don’t forget about me – tell my story.”  Of course I drew laughs from nearby waitresses as I took the photo – I’ve graduated from taking photos of my meals on plates to horses on powerpoints. Nice.

As  I look at the above photo, I know now, this afternoon, there will always be two powerpoints for me:  the creative and the business, and yes, they can work well together.  Oh, yes, Horse wants me to let you all know that it’s bolted past the Censor.

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  1. jo says:

    awwww shucks & thanks. And yep, the sun does do its thing tomorrow- as do our morning pages.

  2. “Horse” is such an appropriate topic for creative writing. I’ve been thinking about the symbolism of the horse in the world’s mythologies and, in general, it represents the warrior spirit that brings us home after a courageous journey. Thank you for reminding me of that with your lovely words.

  3. Michele Seminara says:

    I am looking forward to horse’s story! Hope you share it here also.

  4. nice thoughts. and thanks for the visit.

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