Take seven minutes to watch Dr Wayne Dyer’s daughter Saje Dyer talk about healing herself of a medical condition when she was five years old.  He introduced this video with these words

“When children are raised to believe in their extraordinariness, they can really do anything. I wanted to share this video of my daughter Saje talking about one of her childhood experiences that really amazed me.”

What a beautiful testimony to the power of words, unconditional love and trust.

“As a child I knew that it was going to work.  There was no doubt in my mind that it wasn’t going to work because my parents told me that it would. “

Saje Dyer’s utter belief that she could heal herself because her parents told her so had me thinking of how we choose our words.   I’m talking about words we misuse or phrases that no longer serve us.  Words we sugar coat.  Words we don’t use that do need to be expressed.

“I sent them love.  I told my bumps I love you and I appreciate you and what you are here for but we cant be together any more and you have to leave.  I pictured them falling off my face.  I remember the image.  I was walking down the sidewalk. …  I imagined what it would feel like having smooth skin on my face.”

Pure Unconditional Love.  Gratitude.  Trust. 

“As adults we want something so badly that you fear that you won’t have it, and with that fear you can’t manifest something … you just have to know …”

Again, love over fear in any situation.

We are all extraordinary.  We all do our best.  Maybe it’s just time now we question some of the things we say, some of the things we do and some of the things we believe.

Good night.   I’ve got some talking to do.

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7 Responses to “I SENT THEM LOVE”

  1. bentpeople says:

    spot on! words are more powerful than we give them credit for. For instance when someone casually says that their kids have all been sick and that they’ll be next. Sure enough they’re sick. My philosophy is a bit like Saje, everything is from a place of love and gratitude. I sneeze a lot, maybe allergies or maybe something to do with spirit however when I get asked if I’m getting sick my answered is always considered and more directed to me “not at all” and I never do.
    great post! Best one yet!

  2. jo says:

    very true and extremely timely for me. Thankyou.

  3. pixelrites says:

    Yes and relevant for everyone for different reasons. TY

  4. bentpeople says:

    Reblogged this on bent people and commented:
    perfect thinking!

  5. I just wanted you to know that I reblogged this video on http://www.gmlmseries.wordpress.com. and linked it to your blog. Very inspirational, thanks!

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