“Now my five senses gather into a meaning all acts, all presences; and as a lily gathers the elements together, in me this dark and shining, that stillness and that moving, these shapes that spring from nothing, become a rhythm that dances, a pure design.”  Judith Wright, Five Senses  


It was the final blogging class at the NSW Writer’s Centre on a cold Saturday morning. The gentle winter rain was gaining momentum and I had no inclination to stroll around Callam Park.  I raced towards the entrance of the old, sandstone building.  Once inside, I could see the door to the lecture room was shut.  Shut tight.  Tall, large doors that held a presence, as if to say stop!  So I stopped.  That’s when I noticed the green plaque on the door with its inscription  JUDITH WRIGHT ROOM.  I hadn’t noticed it last week.  I froze – here’s why.

This time last year I was toying with the idea of a blog.  I also became intrigued with Judith Wright’s poem,  Five Senses.  I enrolled in a blogging day course and had to come up with a name fast, like five minutes fast:  and so it was pixelrites.  The pixel bit I wanted to explain my own process – a pixel at a time gives the whole, big picture and each pixel counts, no matter how small.  And then the rest; rites, writes + rights.  It was only afterwards I realised that wright (Old English word meaning worker or maker) and Judith Wright gives you Five.  This all held relevance for me at the time and I loved the “pure design“.

I had dropped the idea of blogging and forgotten about Judith Wright and the word wright until now.  I was walking into the lecture room with the intention of being a wright for my blog.  (It has been a huge process to get to this point.)   And then there was Judith Wright: both were not to be forgotten!  These coincidences, little messages are what I call synchronicity and occur to me when I am in that flow and doing what I love.  We all have these moments of coincidences; we can choose to ignore them or notice them.

So once again,  I walked into the lecture room with a confidence.  I was in a place I was meant to be.  My sign was on a door, which I opened.

Why do I want to blog? I borrow Judith Wright’s words re poetry:

 “…What it does,  for the poet, is to express and exemplify the feeling which brought the poem into existence; that is, to help with the process of understanding one’s life and its meaning.  For the reader, it can help in the same way.  That is what art is for.”

pixelrites is not poetry however I would like to think that Judith Wright would not mind blogging.  She was ahead of her time, particularly with respect to the Australian landscape, environmental issues, Aboriginal rights etc.  The synchronicity continued for me throughout the day, however, I was reminded not to forget about Judith Wright or that I wanted to be a wright of a blog.

Source: All quotes: Judith Wright, Collected Poems, 1942-1985, Angus & Robertson

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  1. paintlater says:

    I have always been inspired by her poetry. I am sure she would approve of blogging. Happy wrighting.

    • pixelrites says:

      Thank you! I’m slowly dipping into Judith Wright’s works – she’s a great inspiration. O I love your blog! and have had a quick look. Will now have to put aside my intention to start Charlotte Wood’s Love & Hunger, and go through your works!

  2. Interesting that “Five Senses” gave you such inspiration! I had a healing recently where the number 5 kept appearing. Later, I did some research and found it had much spiritual significance. Jesus had five wounds, Muslims are directed to pray 5 times a day, plus there are 5 pillars of Islam and pagans saw it as the fifth element – ether. In Judaism, the book of Psalms are arranged in 5 books and modern music uses a musical staff of 5 horizontal lines and a perfect fifth is the most consonant harmony.

  3. pixelrites says:

    “Five Senses” has been a huge inspiration and yes, every time I visit the NSW Writer’s Centre it seems I am in an ethereal space … Thank you so much for your valued insights. Does it surprise you that I pulled out Wright’s Collected Works last night to read “Five Senses” …

  4. jg says:

    Her poetry has also influenced me a lot. Can anybody provide me with her daughter Meredith’s email-id?

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