“Pythagoras, it was said, could read the meaning of ripples of water stirred by the wind.  He evidently believed that seemingly random events in nature form a common fabric with events in human lives.”

The above quote is the Introduction to the book “Synchronicity” written by Allan Combs and Mark Holland.  And that’s how my day started on my way to the NSW Writers Centre Bloggers for Beginners course, with “random events”.  I enrolled in the course to get me started on this my blog.  There is nothing like homework, a deadline and expense to spur you on to get things done.

It was one of those glorious sunny autumn Sydney mornings.  I was walking in the grounds of Callam Park, heading for the NSW Writers Centre Building and enjoying its expanse, greenery and old world charm.  What caught my eye on the grass was a twig and “something” made me stop and pick it up.  That’s the twig in the above photograph. It’s in the shape of a Y.  “Why?” I ask myself.  And in that instant, there was my blog:  “Why am I here?”  “Why does the word ‘why’ end with its meaning?”  Do we start things knowing exactly what we want and how it will end?   I love the play of words.  I love the power of words.   And so my mind wanders I find I am at the doors of the Centre with a confidence.  I am having one of those “synchronicity” days.  I am in the flow and when this happens I know it leads me to a place I should be.

I choose a seat where the sun’s rays stream in, beckoning me to  “sit here”.   I pull out my notebook and pen.  I love taking notes.  Will Kostakis is our instructor and after a short introduction about himself, he commences his talk with the statement “Firstly, the most important question to ask you all here today is Why? Why do you want to blog?”   Love that!  I dig the twig out of my bag and place it on the table.  I laugh to myself.  It’s a magical state and my understanding of it is the word “synchronicity”.

Carl Jung coined the term “synchronicity” to describe meaningful coincidences.  Combs and Holland’s Introduction goes on to say :  “In fact, the notion that the cosmos is formed of a single common fabric which includes both the worlds of nature and of humankind, a fabric in which each event, however insignificant, is connected to each other event, in varying forms remained with us up to the beginnings of modern science.”  Yes, I can understand that!

As I write this blog, the little magical events continue to unfold and so I add a  photograph of the cover of Combs and Holland’s book and end this blog with the request that you take note of the logo and the letter Y.

I look forward to the second half of the course this Saturday, but clearly I can recommend the NSW Writers Centre for its writing courses and Will Kostakis, author of Loathing Lola,  for choosing the right questions and more.


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5 Responses to WHY?

  1. I enjoyed reading this! Makes me want to read that book too.. (:

    • pixelrites says:

      Hi Bettina thanks for your comments. I pulled the book out of my To Read stash in search of a quote on synchronicity.That’s why I have quoted from the Intro. I also love the Y on the cover.

  2. bentpeople says:

    great quote. I too am a thinker of all is ‘oneness’. Beautiful to meet you at the course. I look forward to reading more. much love sista!

  3. pixelrites says:

    Further to the synchronicity, the above first photo shows the instant I had Twitter on my Mac – there’s a Tweet re Seth Godin (that’s his head shot in the background). No need to say more …

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