A Conscious Weight Loss Workshop based on Marianne Williamson’s book A Course in Weight Loss


International life coach and Balmain psychologist Grace Gedeon will be conducting her first weight loss workshop in Balmain on Sunday, 11 September 2011.  Grace had huge success in America following her recent retreats assisting the  No 1 # New York Times Bestseller and spiritual leader Marianne Williamson.  These retreats on weight loss were based on the principles of the book A Course in Weight Loss, which is one of Oprah’s Ultimate & Favorite Things 2010.

I am a huge fan of Marianne Williamson, having read her best seller A Return to Love.  This book is based on the principles of A Course in Miracles and the main message I have taken from that is in any situation you put “love over fear”.   So, what has this got to do with weight loss?  The message we get in the book and workshop is love of self – choose foods that love you back, as in relationships.

The message from this upcoming Workshop can be applied not only for weight loss – a love of self and release of fear can be applied to relationships, work and everyday life.  Hope you can join us at the Balmain Town Hall, Meeting Room, Sunday, 11 September 2011.  Visit www.gracegedeon.com for registration details here.


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2 Responses to A Conscious Weight Loss Workshop based on Marianne Williamson’s book A Course in Weight Loss

  1. I love the idea of choosing foods that love you back. I’ve often thought that any food I truly love is as good for my soul as it is for my body. There may be a bit of wishful thinking in my logic but, so far, the “kilos” are generally under control. The larger idea of choosing love over fear is absolutely foundational to everything, to every action, reaction and relationship in our lives and it’s what all the great mystics teach. Thank you for reminding me of it.

    • pixelrites says:

      Thank you for your comments. You are right when you say love over fear in “everything, to every action, reaction & relationship”. It took me some time to “get it” – as some aspects of our society tends to support fear based thinking. I look forward to reading your posts. Many thanks.

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